Why You’re Putting Off Creating Systems

If your team is constantly asking you questions, mistakes are being made, and things are falling through the cracks…your team is craving more structure.

This lack of structure means you’re getting stuck in the day to day of the business because you don’t trust that things are getting done. And in the weeds is exactly where you shouldn’t be as the leader.

Without systems, everyone suffers.

If you and your team are experiencing some of this pain, then you’re probably already convinced that you need systems in your business. 

So why aren’t you doing it?

I’ve discovered there are three reasons why founders like you shy away from creating systems in your business.

Three Reasons Why You’re Not Creating Systems

#1: The CEO [you!] doesn’t like the details

As the founder and business owner, you’re a big picture thinker. You may feel overwhelmed by the idea of creating systems because you don’t like getting stuck in the details of your business. 

Luckily, I have fantastic news for you – you’re not the one who should be creating the systems. It’s likely not your zone of genius, so you shouldn’t be trying to force yourself into that role.

Feel relieved? I thought so!

But, who should be the systems champion, if not you?

If you’ve built a team, they should be the ones creating the processes for anything they’re doing more than once.

If this is a gap in your team or you’re a solopreneur, you need a systems-minded partner to step in, understand your business, and lay this groundwork for you. [That’s me! Book a consult here.]

So, it’s your team’s job, not yours, to create processes and systems. But, this often doesn’t happen because of reason #2.

#2: Team members need more support around creating systems

There could be several reasons why your team isn’t creating the systems and processes your business desperately needs: 

  • They need more clear direction from you on which processes you want created
  • They aren’t sure how to create a process for their recurring projects and tasks
  • They’re overworked and don’t have time to slow down to document what they’re doing

You have a full plate as the owner, so it’s likely you have a mental list of what systems are lacking, but maybe you haven’t had the time to get them out of your head and communicate them clearly to your team.

If your team is at capacity and struggling to keep up, they may not feel like they can sacrifice the time it takes to clearly document all of the things that are part of their position. This is totally understandable, but it creates a vicious cycle where team members keep re-creating the wheel over and over again and this lack of repeatable processes keeps them stuck in overwhelm.

Over time, I’ve recognized that thinking in systems and processes is the natural way my brain works, but this isn’t true for everyone. And that’s okay! Each of us has our zone of genius we bring to the table. It’s possible your team members may not know exactly what to do to create a process.

The solution to all three of the bullet points above is to have a systems supporter in charge of helping streamline your business. If you already have an operations person on your team, this is their job. If not, hiring operations support, ideally at the strategy and management level, should be a priority.

#3: You and your team have misconceptions about what systems are 

Systems sometimes get a bad rap. You might think of them as rigid and cold. As a creative visionary you might be averse to structure because you feel as though it will ruin spontaneity and creativity. 

I’ve heard all of this and more when working with new clients and their teams. And I understand why you might feel this way, truly!

But, I believe that you can build people first, human-friendly systems that create care in your business.

Systems Are Care

Running a business isn’t for the faint of heart. That’s why I love brave entrepreneurs like you! It can be stressful and overwhelming at times for both you and your team members.

Systems are how you care for yourself, the vision you have for your business, and your team. The right systems support a better, happier culture. Things are done well and everyone’s happy!

Care for yourself

The right systems set up in your business is the groundwork you need to free yourself up to spend time doing the things that only you can do; the things you love to do! Think: less admin, more magic. 

Care for your business and the vision you have for it

Systems provide the ways to operationalize your vision for your business. They help you and your team move from the what > how and start getting the right things done to move the business forward. 

Care for your team

If you want a team that hums along without you, you need systems and processes. Most teams crave structure. They want to know exactly what they should be doing and what success looks like. Systems are meant to be supportive and easeful. Not something that bogs them down. There’s a humanity and a heart to systems because they care for the people on your team. 

Let’s Give Your Team the Structure They Crave

And you, the space to work in your zone of genius!

Your role should be setting the vision for what systems and processes are needed in the business and your team’s role is to create and run them. 

When this happens, success isn’t stressful and everyone is ready when the floodgates open.

But, this isn’t always the reality with the entrepreneurs I partner with. 

Often, things feel messy and a bit unwieldy. They need help getting everything out of their head, prioritizing what needs to happen in the operations side of the business, and support for them and their team to install the systems that will allow them to grow and scale.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the things you think are missing in your business, you don’t have to tackle them alone. Cleaning up the chaos is my zone of genius and I’d love to roll up my sleeves and dig into your business with you. I can be your systems champion! Let’s chat! Book a consult here.