Spacious Success –
Let’s Make it Happen.

With Ease, Simplicity And

Weekends Off!

Spacious Success –
Let’s Make it Happen.

With Ease, Simplicity And

Weekends Off!

Take a look under the rug – do your operations look a little messy under there?

Don’t be shy. I love the messy stages! The startup stages! Every ambitious social impact business has one.

It means you’ve gained enough momentum that it’s time to really dig in with strategic thinking for (less messy) next-level growth.
Because you don’t want the cracks to grow with you.

You’re ready for an ops partner who can translate your exciting vision and strategy into something simple and actionable for you and your team.

(Hi again! I’m Megan. and I’m going to help you get your ops house in order!)

There’s a secret to keeping things from breaking down while you grow.

Many businesses commonly get caught up in just ‘getting things done’ to create that early traction. And when the plate gets too full? They sometimes bring on part-time team members to implement small projects and tasks.

But something’s missing in that equation.

Not determining the strategy behind the implementation and exactly how it all will be managed… can be painful. It’s the missing middle layers. Without them, strategy and management falls on you.

It makes you the bottleneck. And it steals your nights and weekends. Plus? It’s not actually what you’re here to do. Your job is to know the ‘what’. The high level direction, vision, and goals your company is working towards.

But the ‘how’? Today’s the day you get that right off your plate.

You need a bridge.

Someone to seal up the missing levels between vision and implementation so you get back to doing the creative work you feel excited about.


Let’s work together

Start Here


Momentum Mapping:
A crucial step one for clarity and priorities!

What it is: We’re digging deep and finding gaps in the bigger buckets of your business to help you identify the priorities that will move the needle in the areas that matter. It’s all about clarity and focused efforts for the year to come.

We take an insightful tour through all of the operational levels of your company to identify underlying roadblocks, game-changing tweaks, and your important hires or team changes.

Who it’s for: Discerning Founders & CEOs looking for a thought partner and operations support. All new clients start here. We’ll get the lay of the land and then decide what to prioritize and how to move forward.

Why it matters: You’re feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of strategies and projects that could smooth out your ops. This process gets us focused on what’s needed NOW so you can finally stop questioning the right path forward.



—Lisa Haggis

Founder, Realize Your Brand

Next Levels

Ops Support Based on your momentum mapping

Impact Projects:
From idea to done.

What it is: Get specific projects handled that’ll make a big impact in your business. From hiring your next team member to refining your client journey process, offload these overwhelming and time-consuming projects to finally get them completed.

Who it’s for: It’s specialized support for CEOs struggling to get an important short-term project done!

Why it matters: These ops projects can change everything about how your business runs. And they’re not getting done. You can get to the next-level without taking everything on yourself. This is how.

Check off those projects this quarter!


Starting at $1,800

—Anton Gunn

CEO, 937 Strategy Group, LLC

Strategic Thought Partner:
Rock solid vision(ary)!

What it is: A Done-With-You way to get your ops house in order. An experienced ops expert to guide you as you put your operational strategies, systems, and dream team in place. Your right-hand who will hold you accountable to your vision, values, and priorities – behind the scenes.

Who it’s for: Forward-thinkers who understand the power in collaboration. Visionaries who want to play an active role in setting up their company’s operations.

Why it matters: Big picture thinkers need big picture sounding boards. Business is a journey, and having a partner to help sustain your clarity, focus, and momentum can make all the difference. It’s a strategic partnership that keeps your business in focus.

Ongoing partnership to propel your business.



—Lisa Hzm Hd


Fractional COO:
The high-level hand-off

What it is: This is your Done-For-You Operations GO team. A temporary (typically 6-18 month) partnership for you to focus on the visionary work while I take over strategic planning, managing people and projects, and overseeing day to day operations. I’ll put everything in place so your newfound freedom can last. You can get on to the work (and free time) you love without sacrificing your growth or impact.

Who it’s for: CEOs ready to fully remove themselves from the operational day-to-day. Perfect for those with a growing team and a purpose-filled vision that needs hands-on support. I step into the COO role, to make sure your operations run smoothly and match your big-picture momentum. Then we find the perfect hire to oversee your team and operations long-term.

Why it matters: Your visionary work deserves undivided attention. Sustainable, exciting growth can’t really happen until you free yourself up to work on it exclusively. Plus? It’s time to enjoy your success and take some darn time off!

Ready to be fully freed up?


Starting at $4,000/month

—S Fruehlg


Whether you need a high-impact project done, a strategic sounding board, or the full support of a Fractional COO –
it’s about simple ops that make it happen.

Let’s meet at the
Strategy Level.

Better Ops. Better Culture.

Better business!