How do we imagine a different way…?

How do we imagine a different way…?

You’re here because you have a vision to create change, do things differently, and make the world better through your business. You envision growing an organization that cares, that’s equitable and reflective of your values.

And you’re certain that doesn’t happen by replicating the things people do over and over that are broken.

Because when you follow your values? It means you WILL do things differently. Radically.

You will need to take a chance on your vision. Intentionally veer away from the status quo. And that means…

The systems and support you’ll need to really make it happen become so much more important.

It takes inspired questioning about how things have always been done to break the framework of under-caring, overworking, and an overwhelming reliance on old models and ways of thinking.

It takes people who can shake off the status quo! Someone equipped to do things differently!

A bit of my back-story

I left the concrete jungle of Philadelphia and moved to an ecovillage, married a hippy, and transformed the knowledge I learned there about gardening into a way to inspire kids for seven years at a non-profit and a thriving business after that.

Now I run two successful businesses while enjoying an adventurous lifestyle that prioritizes my values and self-care.

It hasn’t been the typical projection! But, it has given me living proof that the vision we have for a different way of living and working – the vision we have for creating good in this world – is possible.

When we choose to do things a little differently on repeat, it builds a certain type of muscle. One that creates comfort and excitement about challenging the norm for the right reasons, because we know there is space for better.

I became an operations expert to help create that space – to operationalize the visions of people primed to do great things and to support bold and unique legacies.

Imagine spaciousness that challenges the story that overworking is essential for success. (I take Fridays off to go hiking with my husband. Think: what would you love to fill that time with?)

Imagine that instead of your organization’s systems being cold and inhuman, someone on the backend has intentionally created them to reflect and align with your values!

Imagine partnership where constantly questioning the status quo creates a better world and aspiring co-conspirators.

This is my vision of support. And I strive to see it through even if it’s messy at first and even (especially!) if it goes against the precedent and those who set it.

It’s exciting to brush off the status quo! Join the Fridays-Off Club. Make your systems caring and truly useful. Create the equity and JOY in your organization’s culture your people are craving.

Because different creates the space to do what matters to you! To the world. To your impact.

And you’ve been ready for a while – so, let’s go see it through!