Your Vision,

Hands-off Ops

For CEOs & Founders

Your Vision,

Hands-off Ops

For CEOs & Founders

Dreaming of handing off your day-to-day ops?
That’s GREAT. You should be!

Because you’re purpose-driven, with incredible vision, and things are really ramping up.

One problem? The workload is overwhelming. You’ve tried to hand it off before but it just hasn’t worked. In fact, it creates more work.

This time will be different. We’ll make this the hand-off that sticks.

This is your confirmation: you don’t need to do all those things you don’t like – or maybe aren’t even good at! As a leader, you’d rather fill your time with invaluable visionary work and a full life outside of it all.

Focus and Momentum meets Success and Time off!

Less admin, more magic!

It’s possible. The good news is, you just found it.

Spacious Ops

For meaningful success

Take Some Weight Off Your Shoulders!


Strategic guidance to harness that Big Idea Energy, identify priorities, and synthesise your vision into action.


Stay anchored in what matters with a supportive sounding board – share the weight, keep your focus.


The people first structure and systems your team is craving – with the actionable groundwork they need to free you up.


Install the ongoing support and communication your team needs to turn strategy into results without you.

I was the intermediary for every system and it was really slowing things down. I needed someone to help me figure out the priorities, what could be delegated, what I needed to be involved in, and what systems needed to be created. Megan’s great at identifying problems and thoughtfully and carefully helping me think through who else could be doing something so I can focus on revenue generating activities.

I don’t think we would have been able to increase our operating budget or grow our team as much as we have without Megan.

—Wenimo Okoya

Founder and Executive Director, Healing Schools Project

It’s really about creating
Space for Better.

Work that matters still needs to be managed well. In fact, it’s more important that things go smoothly.

Your mandate needs a strong leader and that means more visionary space, not less. And the mess can’t bog down your team either! Their work is just as important.

Visionaries and their teams need the time and space to focus on the mission.

Free it up and protect it with tailored, useful, and meaningful systems and processes that create ease and are built for the people who need to use them most.

Systems that care – for you, for your team, and your mission!

Let’s harness. Focus. Create!

Coaching can help you gain clarity, but you still need to bridge the gap between your vision and making it happen – between you and your team.

It needs a combination of intentional strategy followed by something I think is often overlooked: who is going to manage it all? You bring the vision – I’ll process, translate, and communicate the details and the plan that will actually make it happen. Kind of like a whole operations team in one person!

—Megan Cain

Fractional Ops Director & Thought Partner

You don’t have to know how to make it all happen, you can lean on an expert for that!

(And get things off your plate successfully and permanently.)

What it looks like:

Stuck in the weeds, working all the hours you have to give to

Thriving in the flow of the visionary work you love to do.

Difficulty managing all the things and fielding your team’s confusion to

Systems that support a caring, equitable culture.

Acting as a bottleneck, anxious about scaling to

Focusing on the ‘what’ and handing over the ‘how’.

From overwhelm to…


time off!

Overworking is Optional. Success doesn’t have to be stressful. If you’ve been waiting for it, this is your sign to work different!

Go ahead, get it off your plate! Together, we Bridge the Gap between your Vision & Reality.

Better ops. Better culture. Better business!

Go ahead, get it off your plate! Together, we Bridge the Gap between your Vision & Reality.

Better ops. Better culture. Better business!