Meet Megan

Why the gardening photos, you ask? Well, not only do I love growing my own food, I also built a successful online gardening business from scratch – The Creative Vegetable Gardener.

Conceiving of an idea and then bringing it into the world is no small feat. That’s why I think entrepreneurs are so incredibly impressive! 

And as an online entrepreneur, I’ve  developed a deep understanding of the online business space. I started my gardening website  over nine years ago (I had no idea what I was doing!) and it now gets over 600,000 pageviews per year.

In addition to growing an informative website with over 200 articles that teach fellow gardeners how to get better results from their gardening efforts, I’ve also written, designed and published two print gardening books that have sold thousands of copies, created and delivered five public workshops that have resulted in repeat invitations to speak at regional conferences and events, and developed seven online gardening courses that have been taken by over 1200 students.

The unique perspective I bring to working with you in your business takes all of this knowledge and experience of running my own successful online business, combines that with my natural talents of strategic thinking and operations management, and tops it all off with  lighthearted humor and quick laugh.

I’d would be honored to work with you to help bring YOUR ideas to life.

When I’m not immersed in a work project you can find me planting, harvesting or chatting with my neighbors in my huge front yard vegetable garden.

On the weekends I’m usually out and about working towards my goal of being on 52 different trails this year (road biking, hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and walking!). 

In 2019 my husband and I took a year long sabbatical to travel around the US in a teardrop trailer camping, hiking, mountain biking and visiting friends and family. 

We explored 25 different national parks and hiked on over 150 trails. This photo is from our favorite national park we visited and one of our top 10 hikes of the year – the 18 mile Dawson Pass and Pitamakan Pass Loop in Glacier National Park. Incredible!

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