Strategic Project Management & Operations Services

I help creative entrepreneurs get out of the weeds by stepping in to take the lead on projects so you can focus on the bigger vision you have for your business (and life!).
I’m the woman who listens to your brilliant ideas and then figures out how to actually make them happen.

You can't keep up.

As a successful online entrepreneur myself, I know how hard it can be to create, implement and manage an entire business alone.

Things like writing and promoting books, developing online courses, creating high end packages, and building out a content plan can be overwhelming with all of their moving parts.

And then there's the higher level tasks like determining staffing needs, hiring, training and managing team members and contractors, delegating tasks, creating project plans and getting things completed on schedule, and gaining clarity around setting goals and priorities for the overall business.

Plus, you need (real, unplugged!) time off to go on adventures with your partner, friends and family without worrying your business is going to fall apart while you're gone.

No wonder you're feeling overwhelmed.

But, don't worry, that's where I come in!

Hi, I’m Megan

I thrive on creating order out of chaos. When I see something that needs fixing, I immediately start sorting it all out in my head. I can’t help it, it’s how my brain naturally works.

My superpower is breaking down ideas and goals into actionable plans that are simple and streamlined. I’m a minimalist at heart, so I  have an aversion to overcomplication!

I’ll be just as passionate about your business as you are and will also bring the skills and know-how around how to fill in all the pieces to actually make your projects happen.

Megan has been a blessing to my business!

 I would highly recommend her project management services based on her attention to detail, due diligence in completing tasks and focus on helping me achieve my overall business goals. She brings her own ideas to the table and her contributions are highly valuable.

In working with Megan I was able to provide her with general guidelines and she used her experience to bring the project to life. This freed up time for me to work on other parts of my business that only I could do. It was great to see important projects being handled with little oversight on my behalf. Megan is amazing!”

– Quiana Darden, Launch Copywriter

work with me

Project Management + Operations

You’ve been overloaded trying to do everything, but you know your time needs to be spent on the bigger picture. You need someone who can help you think about big picture strategy and handle some of the everyday tasks.

If you’re ready to grow and start taking on a bigger team, I’d love to grow with you.

90 Day Clarity Session

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your business and not sure what you should be focusing on and how to get it all done, this one’s for you!

We’ll get clear on the issues that are keeping you stuck  and make a plan to get you moving forward in your business again. 

Let’s jump in and tackle it all  together.